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The Reinforcement Theory

November 8, 2006 by obliang · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

           The Reinforcement Theory of Motivation includes 4 aspects: Positive, Negative, Punishment, Extinction.
          Positive reinforcement – When the employees work hard, have done work well, and bring some interests for the organization, the organization will give some rewards to motivate them.
          For example: In a company, the employees’ work exploits will be showed in the notice board every month. The best employee should be given some rewards. Thus, they will bring some benefits for their organization.
          Negative reinforcement –  When the employees have some prombles make he/she does not work hardly and brought some losses for the organization, the organization will give them help. Thus, it can help the employees to eliminate affect.         

          For example: if they feel work no motivity . we will to know their prombles , than eliminate affect . if his family has some prombles ,we will help him. to improve the environment of workplace , furnish regular bus ,get a psychologist to account for the promble of mental(Psychology Management),  eliminate theestrangement of  new and old staff .   

           Punishment reinforcement – When the employees make the organization suffer some harm or do something wrong, they will be given some punishments.
          For example: When the company suffers a great loss because of the employee’s laxity and mistake, the organization will give him a serious punishment and be deducted some wages.
          Extinction reinforcement – When the employee can’t not only bring interests for the organization, but also lead to loss, he will be disregarded and extinct.
          For example: In a company, the employee who isn’t the best, and isn’t the worst, sometimes, the workmates don’t know the employee work at the company all the time, he has been disregarded. So, the organization should let him give a letter of resignation and leave the company. 

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  • Dr. Alvin Chan


    I am happy to know that you do understand Maslow and Reinforcement Theory.

    Good examples.

    I hope you are enjoying class.
    I try to give different styles every time I enter class.

    I cannot make everyone happy.
    Popular doesn’t mean I am right.
    I want to be RIGHT!

    I just want to make everyone a better student and ready to be top executives/entrepreneurs one day.

    I hope you understand.



  • sahadat rumi

    thanks for definition and comprehensive example.

  • raja shamus


  • shila

    can i know which references that u used to get the definition of the reinforcement theory?

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